Blockchain hackathon disrupting Insurance

Are you up for a challenge?

Code - Build - Present

Insurance industry will be disrupted by blockchain driven concepts built by hackers in 24 hours for the first time in Zurich on the last weekend of August.

The event is hosted by epam in collaboration with Swiss Finance + Technology Association and Validity Labs.

3 biggest insurance companies from Switzerland have their challenges ready and are looking forward to discover your creative ideas.

Are you interested in blockchain & smart contracts? Do you work best under pressure and time constraints? We look for hackers who are able to build a blockchain prototype in 24 hours. Mind-blowing ideas and disruptive ideas are highly welcome.

Are you up to the challenge?

Your Mentors

Participants will work on challenges provided by SwissLife, Zurich and SwissRe, who will provide panel judges to determine the winner. Industry experts will be mentoring teams during the hackathon to provide useful insight and answer questions about specific industry characteristics


To participate in EPAM Blockchain Hackathon you should have one of the following skill-sets;

  • software development,
  • graphic or interface design,
  • backend-engineer

with an understanding of blockchain technology. You will have 24 hours to build an innovative blockchain concept or MVP from scratch, be ready for that. We are looking for teams from 2 to 4 people. If you do not have a team yet, please register individually and you’ll find team mates just before the official kickoff.





Highly configurable block with optional auditoriums and threads

6:00 PM
Registration & Welcome

Welcome all participants and hand out welcome package


CEO of EPAM welcomes all Hackers at the 2016 Blockchain Hackathon


Introduction of the Challenges


Practicalities, Rules and Mentor Introduction

09:00 PM
Getting started with social analytics

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09:00 PM
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3:20 PM
Getting to know the tech

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09:00 PM
Entry party

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Any person over the age of 18. Participants MUST NOT BE employees any of organizer’s companies as well as main sponsor company (EPAM).

Impact Hub

  • Viaduktstrasse 93, 8005 Zürich
  • (41) 000-111 101
  • 19:30 - 2310